Self Defense Cane with Flashlight Tactical Review

self defense cane

The Self Defense Cane developed by ZAP is basically a walking stick with a few alterations to make it a self defense weapon. It is adjustable with a built-in LED light and a supercharged stun gun that can give off as much as one million volts.

The self defense cane is sold around $66 up to $98.40 in Amazon. This deal already comes with a free case where you can store the product safely plus a charger. But is it worth your money? Take a look at its advantages and disadvantages here to gauge its self defense potentials.

Self Defense Cane Tactical Advantages

The self defense cane will pass as an ordinary walking stick with many people. This feature will let you carry it in many areas. It will also catch your assailant off-guard when he or she realizes that it is actually a self defense weapon.

The self defense cane can stretch from 32 inches up to 36 inches which will provide you extra reach. This will let you defend yourself without the need of going too close to your opponent. A strike using this will surely put bruises in a person.

The weight capacity of the self defense cane is around 250 lbs. That means it will not break easily when used with extreme force.

On top of these, the self defense cane has a rechargeable stun gun with one million volts. This can knock down someone easily especially when you use it in the neck or parts where the nerves are concentrated.

Self Defense Cane Tactical Disadvantages

The flashlight of the self defense cane does not provide additional advantages except when finding lost stuff or when navigating a dark area.


For a $66 deal that combines a self defense cane with a LED flashlight and stunner, this is worth it. This is definitely something that you can use to knock down any unsuspecting attacker.

Source: Amazon

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