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Smith & Wesson Aluminum Refillable Tactical Screw Cap Pen

4.5 stars, 191 reviews

self defense pen amazon

Smith & Wesson self-defense pen is made of high-quality and durable T6061 aircraft aluminum that ensures reliable performance. Also, the pen allows you to easily access all of its features with a pocket clip and a screw-off top. The pen is designed in such a way to be discreet when not in use, but very effective when you need it.

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SOG Multitool and Folding Knife

4 stars, 71 reviews

self defense pen tool on amazon

SOG offers a multifunctional tool which combines self-defense features with a discreet pen-shaped design that allows you to conveniently store the tool when it’s not in use. This multifunctional pen tool is made of high-quality materials like anodized aluminum. Also, aside from the knife, this self-defense pen tool features a LED light.

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Tactical Pen Self Defense with Glass Breaker and LED Flashlight

4 stars, 20 reviews

Tactical Pen Self Defense with Glass Breaker and LED Flashlight

With this tactical self-defense pen tool, you will have an instant defense option in case of a sudden attack. Self-defense pen includes all the things you might in any sort of emergency and proves as a great self-defense weapon in dangerous situations. Aside from the stabbing features, this self-defense pen provides you with LED flashlight.

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Partstock Compact Heavy Duty Tungsten Steel Defender Defensive Tactical Pen

4 stars, 46 reviews

best tactical pen

Made of hard materials, this self-defense pen tool provides you with an instant defense solution and a way to discreetly carry the tool around. The pen is made of stainless steel and pen head is designed to be durable and hard as it serves as a stabbing tool in case of emergency. Also, you can use this pen to break windows.

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Tactical Pen Multi Tool

4.5 stars, 364 reviews

Self defense pen

Designed to be a combination of a standard ball pen and a multifunctional safety tool, this pen can serve you as a tiny bodyguard in case of emergency. The pen is made of high-quality aircraft grade aluminum that features immense strength and provides you with reliable performance when you need to protect yourself. Also, the pen is durable and has a long lifespan.

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