Feel Safe With Self-Defense Pocket Staff

Emergency Self Defense Pocket Staff

5 stars, 2 reviews

Emergency Self Defense Pocket Staff

Meant to be a durable and efficient self-defense option, Ti Rod self-defense pocket staff has a versatile use. The stick can also be used as a door knocker, acupressure device, and a medicinal pill crusher which means that the stick is multifunctional and great for everyday use. Also, the stick features a discreet carry option with easy access between buttons.

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Acupressure & Self Defense Billy Rod

5 stars, 3 reviews

Ti Rod tactical self-defense billy rod is made of high-quality and durable aerospace grade 5 titanium. Also, the stick can be used as a door knocker and acupressure device among its many functions. This multifunctional tool is a great self-defense option which can help you in a variety of emergency situations and provide you with reliable performance.

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Koga High Impact Polymer Pocket Staff

3.5 stars, 9 reviews

Polymer Pocket Staff

Made of high- quality impact polymer material, this self-defense staff is designed to be an effective protection tool that can help you defend yourself in a dangerous situation. High impact polymer ensures staff’s performance and durability and allows for a stick to serve as an intermediate impact tool you can use against the attacker.

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BOKER Titan Pocket Stick

5 stars, 4 reviews

Titan Pocket Stick

BOKER pocket stick comes with a titanium handle that ensures a firm grip and efficient performance in case you need to protect yourself from the attacker. This pocket stick is easy to carry as it has an integrated strap which makes it ultra portable. The overall length of the pocket stick is 6 inches and it weighs 4.6 oz.

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Ti Rod Tactical Yawara Stick with Fist-Lock

5 stars, 12 reviews

Tactical Yawara Stick with Fist-Lock

Ti Rod tactical offers a lightweight pocket stick made of aerospace grade 5 titanium construction that ensures stick’s durability and high-quality performance. The stick features an ergonomic design that gives you a secure grip even when it’s wet. This pocket stick is meant to be centered laterally in hand and gripped with fingers for optimum performance.

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