Self Defense Products Review Featuring Fury Tactical Slapper

tactical slapper self defense products

One of the self defense products used by some law enforcement officials is the Fury 15980 Tactical Slapper. This self defense product is a leather sap that is intended to knock out a person.

The Tactical Slapper is made from high-quality leather that is very durable in nature. Then, within the leather is a molded lead weight. It also features a built-in two-ply leather-looped strap for the hands.

Fury Tactical Slapper Advantages

The best features of the Tactical Slapper as compared to other self defense products are its high stun and knock out rate. Unlike bats or longer self defense products that require you to be at a certain distance from your opponent in order to build momentum and power, this one can knock a person in close quarters. This means that even if the person is already holding you close or within close proximity to your face, you can swing this at him or her.

To use this self defense product, just wrap your fingers on its grip and strap. After that, swing it with force towards your opponent in self defense situations. Its flat part is very effective in stunning or knocking out a person when swung with force. You can use this to target major muscles or bones such as the ones located in the head for maximum effectiveness.

Fury Tactical Slapper Disadvantages

The Fury Tactical Slapper should only be used when you are in close proximity to the person threatening you. Be very careful or do not engage your opponent at all if he or she is carrying a longer ranged weapon or gun because of the Tactical Slapper has a very short length.


The Fury Tactical Slapper has gained positive reviews from customers over Amazon. It has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars which beats some of the self defense products featured here so far. Basically, the high knockout and stun rate are the features that we love about this.

Source: Amazon

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