Self-Defense Quotes

It’s a normal thing to expect trouble coming to you when you least expect it. Most of the times, unpreparedness can just cause the situation to turn out worse than it could have been.

Reading quotes will inspire you about the importance of defending yourself when there is an imminent danger to your life. These quotes will act as a reminder that there is no need to panic when you are facing danger. Here are some quotes and books with quotes that will prepare you for self-defense.  

Inspiring quotes

For every person, there comes a time when you have to fight for a good cause, this can either be emotionally or physically. Anything can happen during the fight to alter the outcome. The following are some quotes to help you to decide if the fight is worth it:      

  • “In any fight you should always be prepared.”
  • “You are the master of your own body.”
  • “The fighters who look dangerous are not dangerous. Those who appear timid are the most dangerous. Do not let appearances deceive you and you should always take a great position to your advantage.”  

Fight Quotes 

Self-Defense Quotes

Fight Quotes is a book that features quotes from the world’s renowned fighters such as Bruce Lee, Muhammad Ali, and Chuck Norris. It will provide you with several aspects including strategies, opinions, and insights. This is an inclusive book that has a variety of fight disciplines including boxing, MMA, wrestling, and Kung Fu. You can use these quotes for inspiration as you defend yourself with the right determination and attitude. The book includes photos that are entertaining to encourage you to read more.    

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Martial Arts Wisdom

Best Self-Defense Quotes

Martial Arts Wisdom is a good read for law enforcement officers, martial artists, and military officers. It’s comprised of more than 800 quotes, stories, and expressions. The book will teach you the necessary lessons about self-defense and living your life to the fullest with great character and integrity. Each quote will give you an insight into the important aspects of practicing self-defense techniques. There is a lot in this book including the philosophies of the martial arts masters who intend to motivate, inspire, and enlighten you.     

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1,001 Martial Arts Aphorisms

Top Self-Defense Quotes

1,001 Martial Arts Aphorisms is packed with wisdom, inspiration, and experience from well-known personalities such as Bruce Lee, Napoleon Bonaparte, and Jigoro Kano. This book is perfect for martial artists from across all disciplines. This is great for daily inspiration for students or those who want to start a conversation at a training session.

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Bruce Lee Jeet Kune Do

Self-Defense Quote

This book was written from Bruce Lee’s own notes and it features his principles, lesson plans, and techniques. This book has commentaries on what you can do to achieve success in life by practicing martial arts. The book has taken quotes from Bruce Lee and organized them into topics and chapters.   

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Self Defense Quotes

The original version of this book was written by Yamamoto Tsunetomo about 300 years ago. He described the importance of the Japanese Samurai bushido spirit. This book has been translated by Alex Bennett. It has footnotes that reveal cultural and historical gaps that were left out in the original book.

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Final Words

Quotes are important in daily life activities as they can change your strategy, philosophy, and approach to life in an instant. The quotes reviewed above come from people who have a lot of experience in self-defense. It all comes down to how you fight against your enemy and also in life. Many times, when you remember these quotes, you can fight in the right way.