Self Defense Tips While Running From a Pursuer

self defense tips while running

A new question sent to us at The Best Self Defense Weapons Mailbag reads, “What should I do if someone is pursuing me while I am running?”

Aside from sprinting faster, here are some other self defense tips while running that you can apply:

1. Draw Attention to Yourself

The first thing that you should do is draw attention to yourself from bystanders. Shout or give a signal that you are being chased by another person who wishes to harm you. This will either make your pursuer change his mind or enable you to get help from the people around you.

2. Play Mind Games

Never panic. Show your confidence or do something that is unexpected when being pursued. Look at people’s eyes as you pass them. This will make a potential attacker think twice.

Some expert pursuers also have the tendency to play mind games with you. Through intimidation or feint tactics, they lead you to a dead end without you knowing it. So, one way to avoid this is by turning towards them and confidently go pass them while feinting an attack. The unexpected move will have the tendency to surprise your pursuer and disrupt his plan. This may even make the person abandon his plans for you if you will be able to pull the move effectively and with confidence.

3. Slow Down Your Attacker with Obstacles

Use all the elements in your environment to stop or slow down your pursuer. Throw things at him while running. Just grab on to anything that you can get hold of and hurl it at him. You can also knock down some stuff that can serve as obstacles to slow the pace of the aggressor.

4. Strike the Vital Areas of Your Attacker

If you are cornered and there are no other alternatives but to fight back, strike the vital parts of your opponent’s body to stop or slow him down.

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