Self Defense Tools that You Can Easily Find in Your Pocket

self defense tools in the pocket

If you are someone who is against carrying a knife or concealed carry handgun, or simply your place has strict self defense laws which prevent you from carrying the said weapons, there are many things that you can fish out from your pocket to protect yourself during a physical confrontation.

Here are some common items found in the pocket for self defense:

Keys for Self Defense

Keys for Self Defense

The keys are the one of the commonly recommended self defense tools from the pocket. Many self defense instructors advise using it as a knuckle by putting each key in between each finger running from the thumb to the pinky of a closed fist.

Others such as Bujoka Canada advise against using the keys for self defense in this manner. According to the source, holding one key (the longest in the bunch) between your thumb and curled index finger is more effective. In other words, it is similar to the standard way of holding your keys.

Use the key to hit the soft or vital parts of the body. Avoid using it in the bony areas to avoid breaking it or to ensure that your strikes are successful. The best parts to target are the eyes, the part below the Adam’s Apple and just above the collarbone, the hole of the nose or the muscle at the shoulder which is close to the neck.

Coins and Handkerchief for Self Defense

coins and handkerchief for self defenseslapjackhandkerchief and coins for self defense

Put all your coins in the middle of your handkerchief or at its end. Tie up the part containing the coins so that it won’t spill when you are swinging it. Basically, you are replicating a flail or a blackjack with the combination of the two items.

The handkerchief functions as its swinging mechanism while the coins serve as its weight which you will then use to strike your opponent. This works better if you have a bunch of spare coins in your pocket and your handkerchief is long. You can use as an alternative one of your socks or any long and wide piece of fabric in your clothing.

When striking using this makeshift tool, aim at the bony parts such as the bridge of the nose or temple for maximum effectiveness. Take note as well to make the first and succeeding blows count because the durability of this custom self defense tool is very low.

Credit Card for Self Defense

credit card for self defense

Credit cards or any plastic cards like ATM or a discount card can be used for self defense by swiping its edge over the neck of your opponent. You can even use its curved or pointed corners to puncture the eyes or throat of your assailant. You can sharpen its corners a bit for added damage if you use it against a physical confrontation. Do not use this against parts of the body which are bony.

Pen for Self Defense

self defense pen

The pen is another example of a common self defense tool straight from the pocket. Just grip it within your hand with its pointed tip exposed and then use its sharp tip to strike the vital parts of the body such as the throat or eyes. Similar to the keys and plastic cards, keep away the self defense pen from hitting the hard or bony parts of the body with to avoid breaking it.

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