Self defense weapons are only as effective as the person using them. So, it is important for you to be able to choose the most ideal one for you. But with the huge range of weaponry that you can purchase over local stores and online shops, it is really hard to select the one will surely cater to your preferences.

The article will help you narrow down your search for the best self defense weapons in order for you to arrive at a decision that will surely fit your requirements. First, you will be able to learn and differentiate the general types of weapons. Then, some general tips will be provided that will help you narrow down your search based on what was talked about in the first section of the write-up.

Self Defense Weapons
Which among these self-defense weapons should you choose?

Self Defense Weapons Types and Categories

Self defense weapons are differentiated into two main categories, melee and long range. Regardless of which category you’re looking for, you’ll be able to find them here on our site. Additionally, you’ll also be able to vet the weapons based on our reviews.

Melee Self Defense Weapons

Melee types of weapons are used for close quarter combat (CQC), wherein the opponent is just within a few feet away from the attacker. These types mainly rely on the power, momentum and distance of the attacker from the target.

Here are the common self defense weapons that fall into this category:

1. Knives

2. Brass Knuckles

3. Swords

4. Clubs

5. Axes

6. Whips

7. Electroshock Weapons

8. Other Common Household Tools

Ranged Self Defense Weapons

Ranged weapons are capable of harming a target situated beyond the normal reach of a person. These can either be fired or manually propelled by the user in order to stop the attacker’s tracks. These are more preferred than melee weapons because these no longer require the defender to approach the target which is safer on his/her part.

Here are the commonly used ranged weapons today:

1. Guns (While we don’t sell guns, you can find accessories for them on our shop)

2. Pepper Sprays

3. Stun Gun & Tasers

4. Bows and Arrows

5. Darts and Throwing Blades


Factors to Consider when Choosing Self Defense Weapons

Now that you are familiar with the different types of commonly used weapons for self defense it is time to narrow down your search using certain factors. This part will discuss in brief the elements that you should use in your decision to ensure that the weapon that you will be buying will fit your requirements and that you will not be breaking any rules upon your purchase.

Here is a quick run on the important factors that you have to consider when choosing the ideal self defense weapon for you:

A. Preference

When choosing a weapon, the first thing that you have to think about is whether you are really interested with it or it reflects your preferences. Consider your weapon as your partner since you will be depending on it anyway during life threatening situations. For instance, if you are into blades, get knives. But if you are a gun nut, get something with a decent firepower.

B. Training

Consider your skills too when choosing a weapon. If you have received weapons training through martial arts, then you are probably fit to wield the weapons that really require proper training like the katana, nunchucks, whip and others that require advanced skills.

C. Check the Specs of the Weapon

Make sure that you can also handle well the weapon that you will choose. Check the weight, the length, ease of use, reliability, accuracy, damage, effective range, the recoil (for guns) and other important factors that will affect you as its wielder.

D. Laws

Lastly, when buying a self defense weapons, you should check your gun laws by state to see  if the laws of your State allow it so you will not risk getting sanctions or jail time when caught with it. Make sure that you apply for the necessary licenses as well that comes with the possession of weapons.


With the various types of self defense weapons presented here, you may already have an idea about how each functions and their advantages. Moreover, the explanation of the factors that you have to consider when buying one probably allowed you to narrow down your search by now. So, visit Amazon or go to an authorized weapon’s dealer in your area now to get the ideal self defense weapons for you.