Stun Gun vs Taser – Which is the Better Weapon for Self Defense

stun gun vs taser An email recently came in via Best Self Defense Weapons Mailbag. The question there reads, “I am choosing between two self defense weapons. Could you tell me which is better in for self defense between stun gun vs taser?”

Stun Gun vs Taser – A Look at the Advantages of Each Weapon

Both self defense weapons utilize high-electricity to momentarily disable an attacker by disrupting the person’s muscle control. However, each weapon is distinct from each other in terms of range and other aspects.

Stun Gun

  • A stun gun is very useful in close quarter combat. You have to be careful when using it against an attacker because there is a tendency for the person to block your counterattack. A more effective way to use it is by adding the element of surprise.
  • The purchase of a stun gun does not require a felony check.
  • A stun gun is usually cheaper than a taser.
  • After depleting the power of the stun gun, you can easily recharge it at an outlet via its recharging unit.


  • A taser can be used at approximately up to 15 feet. The two probes can pierce through around two-inch of clothing in order to deliver its 50,000-volt jolt. So, there’s no need for you to get close to your enemy. Most tasers also come with a close-contact stun gun backup that will let you stun an opponent if you have missed your target and if the person is already within your arm’s reach.
  • A person purchasing a taser must pass a felony background check.
  • A taser is more expensive than a standard stun gun. Add to that the fact that you have to purchase replacement for each of its spent cartridge.

Stun Gun Vs Stun Gun – Which One Should You Choose

It actually depends on your preference. If you find range to be a key priority, you should get a taser. But if you are on a tight budget, a stun gun will do. Besides, both are capable of delivering almost the same amount of power anyway.

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