Superman Punch Advantages, Disadvantages and Proper Execution

superman punch

A new message came in through Best Self Defense Weapons Mailbag which reads, “What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Superman punch? How is the proper execution of this move?”

Advantage of the Superman Punch

The Superman punch has been used effectively by many MMA fighters to end a match via knockout. Apparently, the overall movement of the legs the body plus the arms of the person using it creates some sort of a whiplash effect that improves the momentum and impact of the punch big time. So, if you get hit with it in the face, a knock out or knock down can almost be guaranteed.

Disadvantage of the Superman Punch

Since you are throwing your whole body in a Superman punch, not hitting your target may result to dire consequences. Missing your mark may cause you to weaken your balance temporarily or land into a position wherein you are exposed to an enemy ambush.

Among the most effective counters to this move are straight punch to the ribs, front kick or a side kick to the body. You can also be taken down easily using a shoulder tackle or your opponent can quickly catch your legs in preparation for a take down.

How to Execute the Superman Punch

Here is the proper execution of the move:

  • Enter a normal fighting stance.
  • Raise your rear leg forward as if you are going to deliver a front kick.
  • In mid-air, push the leg that you used to seemingly deliver a kick backwards.
  • As you are pedaling the leg that you used to deliver a feign kick, throw a cross punch

For a demonstration of the proper delivery of the Superman punch, check out this video from YouTube:

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