Taurus PT145 Millennium Pro Edition: The Best Concealed Carry Handgun

p145 best concealed carry handgun

If you are looking for the best concealed carry handgun with a good firepower and compact size, the Taurus PT145 Millennium Pro is something that you should get. A modified version of this was showcased in the popular Underworld franchise which was the action-thriller film featuring Kate Beckinsale as a gun-wielding vampire and werewolf hunter.

Key Features of the Taurus PT145 Millennium Pro

The PT145 features a smooth blue steel finish with a checkered polymer grip. It is capable of firing .45 caliber ACP bullets and its standard magazine can carry up to 10 rounds. What makes this the best concealed carry handgun is its size which only measures  6.125 inches in length, 5.125 inches in height and 1.25 inches in width. Then, it only weighs around 22.2 ounces. The gun also comes with couple of safety features like the firing pin block, manual safety pin and trigger block. Overall, this best concealed carry handgun only costs $483 based on the website of Taurus USA.

Taurus PT145 Millennium Pro Advantages

The most advantageous feature of the PT145 Millennium that makes it the best concealed carry handgun in our list is its size and firepower. This gun is small and light that you can conveniently hide it in your handbag or loose pockets. However, its .45 caliber bullets will surely deliver a punch to your target, in addition to its good penetrating power. A graze of this gun is capable of knocking down your target when grazed, but a precise shot into your targets vital parts can prove to be very lethal.

Taurus PT145 Millennium Pro Downsides

Despite being the best concealed carry handgun in our list, the PT145 is no longer in production according to Taurus. This makes it a very rare gun nowadays. So, if you happened to see one in your local gun shop, then you are in luck.

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