The Importance of Gender-Specific Self Defense Training for Women

self defense training for women

“Why should a woman take a self defense training that corresponds to her gender?” This was the question recently sent to us via Mailbag.

Women are More Frequently Targeted

Despite all talks that men and women are created equal, men generally have the physical advantage over women. This is the reason why there is an alarming rate of women who are victims of physical abuse. They are the common targets of criminals too because of that fact.

The Physiology of a Woman is Different

A woman’s body is very sensitive. While a man is more likely to shrug off a direct hit to the chest or to the abdomen, a strike straight to the breast or to the abdominal region of a woman can produce serious pain or incapacitate her.

That does not even include situations wherein she is having a period or when she is pregnant. Then, major strikes in the mentioned areas, especially the in the breast can produce serious ailments like lumps or cancer.

Males and Females Have Different Mindset

Men are viewed as biologically-designed for combat because of their physical advantage over women. However, numerous studies have proven that women are more capable in terms of psychological warfare. Females can easily exploit the mind of males, given the right training and experience. They can use that advantage to feign vulnerability or in manipulating the way of thinking of their male adversaries.

An ideal self defense training for women incorporates this aspect in order to fully-utilize the innate abilities of women, and to exploit the vulnerabilities of men when it comes to their opposite sex.

Other Benefits of Self Defense Training for Women

Of course, there are the usual benefits of self defense training that cater to women, such as physical enhancement and empowerment. Given these, a woman can turn her body into an effective self defense weapon if the situation calls for it.

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