The Potentials of Tomahawk Fortress Short Sword as Self Defense Weapon

short sword self defense weapon

The Tomahawk Fortress short sword is a melee self defense weapon that you can use close combat. It has a balanced scimitar-like blade with black finish that features a sharpened edge and pointed tip for slicing and stabbing. This self defense weapon has a total measurement of 27.5 inches which includes a 17.5-inch blade. Then, its handle has a black and white leather wrap.

The Tomahawk Fortress short sword can be bought in Amazon for around $19.84. That price already comes with a free nylon sheath to protect its blade during storage.

Advantages of Tomahawk Fortress Short Sword as Self Defense Weapon

The Tomahawk Fortress short sword will certainly give you an advantage with a bare-handed or knife wielding opponent because it will provide you an extra reach. The sharp edge and the pointed tip of this self defense weapon will surely puncture the skin of your opponent. With a critical chop or stab using this, expect heavy bleeding or even death on the person in the receiving end of your attack.

The handle of the short sword will also offer you a tight grip due to its leather wraps. Using two hands, you will definitely be able to deliver blows with more accuracy.

Disadvantages of Tomahawk Fortress Short Sword as Self Defense Weapon

This self defense weapon really looks badass but some users complain about its very thin blade. According to them, the blade of the Tomahawk Fortress has the tendency to chip or get damaged when used on very hard objects like hard wood or metal.


Overall, the Tomahawk Fortress self defense weapon is recommended for people who are into swords. Just be careful when using it against an opponent wielding a weapon made of metal or hard wood because if they block your blade, then it might get damaged. But if aim for the skin, you will be just fine with this short sword.

Source: Amazon

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