Things to Consider When Buying Security Camera

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“What are the things that I should look for when buying security camera?” This was a question sent to us via Best Self Defense Weapons Mailbag.

There are important things that you should consider when buying home security camera to ensure that you will be able to monitor your residence effectively and keep it away from the bad elements of the society.

Here are the factors that you should look for:

1. Resolution

Choose a security camera that has a good resolution. Usually, the higher is its specs, the better it is. Having a good resolution is important so its video feeds will not be grainy and that you will be able to see clearly the person it is capturing.

2. Performance in Low Light Environments

Most people prefer breaking at homes or committing crimes at night wherein they are less likely to be seen or recognized. To protect yourself from them or quickly identify an intruder, see to it that your camera performs well in low lighting environments. Buy something that comes with infrared vision so you can detect people even in complete darkness.

3. Concealability

The security camera must be able to blend itself in structures so that it can’t be seen easily by other people like a dome camera that can be easily mistaken as a smoke detector. If it can be easily found, there is a chance that the person breaking in to your home will avoid it, look for another safer route or simply destroy it.

4. Viewing Range

Select a security camera that can cover a wide area. This is to maximize its viewing capability and minimize its blind spot.

5. Durability

Make sure that it is suited in the place where you will be installing it. For example, if you are planning on mounting a security camera outdoors, ensure that it can withstand even the harshest weather conditions in your area.

6. Technical Support From Manufacturers

Before purchasing security camera, make certain that its manufacturer provides a warranty for the product and it offers technical support in case you have questions about the item. This will let you fix any issues that you may encounter with the unit later on and this will let you exchange it if it has been found to be defective.

7. Customer Feedbacks

Last but not least, check genuine consumer feedbacks of the product online. This will give you a quick idea about the reliability and performance of the security camera that you are looking to buy.

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