Things You Should Know When Using a Headbutt in Self Defense

headbutt in self defense

“What is the effective way of delivering a headbutt in self defense without hurting myself?” This was a question sent to us by one of our readers.

How to Effectively Deliver a Headbutt in Self Defense

A headbutt in self defense is a damaging counter-attack when used properly. It is also one of the easiest offenses to pull in a close-quarter fight. To properly deliver the move, follow the steps below:

1. Make sure that your opponent’s face is within the striking distance of your head.

2. Build momentum by tilting your head opposite the face of your target.

3. Snap your head towards the face of your opponent.

5. Use the upper part of your forehead to hit the face of the person if you are face-to-face with your target. If your opponent is at your back, use the upper portion of your parietal bone to strike your opponent.

The part where you can do most damage is at the person’s nose, right on its bridge. Other targets where it can really hurt include the cheekbones, eyelids, side of the eye brows or the lip.

Injuries that a Headbutt Can Cause to an Opponent

A well-executed headbutt right into the bridge of an individual’s nose has the tendency to shatter its bones. The resulting fragments can be deadly because these can be pushed further into the person’s brain with enough force. Other effects include stunning the target temporarily or serious bleeding in the bony areas of the face.

Risks of Delivering a Headbutt

An offense using your head can be dangerous if you fail to hit your intended target or if you land your head into an awkward position. It can be risky as well if your opponent will be able to counter your move with a perfectly-timed punch, kick, knee or elbow strike.

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