Throwing Knives Vs Shuriken — Which One is Better

Throwing Knives Vs Shuriken
Which one is ideal for you between throwing knives vs shuriken?

One reader asked which one is better between throwing knives vs shuriken. So far, there hasn’t been a definitive answer to this topic because the two self defense weapons are completely different from each other, with each one having a feature that can beat the other. While our aim is not to put a halt to the debate, we will discuss the benefits of each ranged self defense weapon to help you decide which one is ideal for you.

Both weapons can be very deadly in the hands of an expert, but given the premise that each weapon is in the hands of an intermediate user, here are the advantages of  throwing knives vs shuriken, and vice versa:

Advantages of Using Throwing Knives

The key tactical advantage presented by a throwing knife is that it has longer blades, which can penetrate deeper than the shuriken. Unlike the latter, if this weapon is thrown with enough force and great accuracy, it has the tendency to rupture major organs. Another advantage of this is it has a handle, which allows its user to use it close quarter combat.

Benefits of Utilizing Shuriken

In contrast to throwing knives, the standard shuriken or throwing star is easier to throw because it is smaller, thinner and has lesser mass. This is more accurate than the other weapon too. A shuriken is easier to master because it has a better spin. The fact that it is surrounded by pointed tips increases its chance to pierce through a target. Despite its lower piercing capability compared to a knife and its history as a mere weapon for distraction, it can still be very damaging if it hits a major artery, the eyes or the throat.

It should be reminded that there are types of shuriken though that are designed like throwing knives such as the kunai and bo shuriken. These can cause major injuries like throwing knives and these can be used in close quarters as well.

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