Tiger Lady Self-Defense Claws for Your Protection

Tiger Lady Self-Defense Claws

Self-defense, especially for women is a very important topic to address no matter where you are in the world. It is a very useful skill to possess and having the right self-defense weapon on your side can be an added bonus to any skills you might have.

Being able to defend yourself is not only necessary if you find yourself in sketchy areas, but in parking lots and garages as well as on clearly marked running trails too, just to name a few situations. One self-defense weapon that women are opting for are Self-Defense Tiger Claws.

What are Self-Defense Tiger Claws?

This compact weapon is simple to use and extremely effective in defending off an attacker. Unlike with some other self-defense weapons (like tactical flashlights and pepper spray), the Tiger Claws are not clumsy to pull out of your pocket or handbag. Ideally, they should be placed in your hand before entering a potentially dangerous area or situation. Thus, you can quickly and easily turn your fist into an effective self-defense weapon.

The claws are fitted with a loose strap that can be comfortably worn around your wrist while the pouch sits comfortably in your palm. This allows you to quickly deploy the claws if you find yourself in danger, needing to defend your safety.

How do the Tiger Claws Work?

The Tiger Claws work in a very similar way to brass knuckles in that they are handheld and give your hand a little extra fight in defending off an attacker. The seemingly harmless pouch houses a set of sharp claws that protrude when you clench your hand, pressing your fingers into the pouch.

The spring-loaded system will release the claws as soon as you apply that pressure to the pouch. This works in much the same way as a cat’s claws retracting from their paws.

It is recommended that you ensure the weapon is in your hand when entering a sketchy area or potentially dangerous situation to be able to quickly put your Tiger Claws to use and not first have to pull them out of your handbag, get them placed correctly before defending yourself.

An Added Bonus: Identifying Your Attacker

One great thing about the Tiger Claws is that they have a small groove under each of the claws’ “nails.” This is used to gather DNA from the attacker to be identified after the fact. In many situations where someone is assaulted unexpectedly, very seldom are they able to identify the assailant later once their adrenaline has stopped pumping and the shock starts to wear off.

This way, the police are able to run DNA tests to be able to identify the attacker instead of going off a description that the victim might not even be remembering correctly.

The Only Disadvantage

While the Tiger Claws are an effective weapon to carry, they may render ineffective if your assailant is well-protected by thick clothing. Unfortunately, the claws will not be able to scratch effectively through garments.

So, it is best to aim for areas of exposed skin to get the desired effect when using these Self-Defense Tiger Claws. However, given the numerous advantages of carrying these Tiger Claws, this one disadvantage can be overlooked if you can be creative with them under pressure.

The Price Point

You can get your hands on a set of Self-Defense Tiger Claws for only $29 from TigerLady.com. This is an extremely cost-effective self-defense weapon at that price. Considering that pepper spray will cost you around $15 to $20 anyway and it can be tricky to use, especially in the situation of a sudden, unexpected attack.

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