Tips on How to Punch Effectively Without Hurting Yourself

how to punch effectively

A new question was sent in to us recently via Best Self Defense Weapons Mailbag which reads, “Can you give me some tips on how to punch effectively without hurting myself? I end up hurting some of my fingers when punching most of the time, so I hope that you can shed light on this matter.

In order for you to be able to know how to punch effectively without the risk of injury on your part, you should know the basics first:

1. Position Your Fingers Properly

Know how to position your fingers properly especially the thumb to avoid breaking any of them when punching. Make sure that your fingers are clenched together with the thumb wrapping them around. Avoid having one finger protruding from your fist because you will have the tendency to injure it if your punch lands in the bony area of the body or face.

It should be noted that some martial artists use a punching technique wherein the joint of the index finger is protruding. This is very effective when hitting the sternum. However, as a beginner, this is not advisable on your part.

2. Use Your Knuckles

The opinion of experts, martial artists and boxers differ on this matter, but personally, using the knuckle when hitting the pressure points of the body and the face works better than simply utilizing the flat tip of a clenched fist.

3. Avoid Bending Your Hand Too Much

When punching with the knuckle, avoid tilting your hand too much as you may risk breaking your wrist. Only tilt your wrist slightly or in a way that your knuckles will only protrude a little from your fist. As much as possible, keep your forearm and wrists aligned to avoid injuring yourself.

4. Practice Punching

Enrolling in a martial arts school or going to a gym with a boxing trainer will help improve your punch a lot. But if you do not have time or budget for it, simply buy a punching bag or pad and then practice your punches there. Start your punches slowly as you familiarize yourself with the proper execution and landing of each punch. After that, increase your speed and power gradually to build up the force of your strikes.

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