Top 5 Ways to Knockout Someone

ways to knockout

“What are the effective ways to knockout a person?” This was a question sent to us by one of our readers. Based from an article from Parks Martial Arts, there are five basic ways to do this.

1. Blunt Trauma

A very strong strike anywhere in the head can knockout a person easily. This triggers the natural defense of the body—which is causing the recipient of the blow to faint—to save all the energy and blood to the targeted area.

2. Asphyxiation

Preventing the proper flow of air to the lungs can knock a person out cold. This is usually done by choking. However, strikes centered to the gut or areas near the lungs can also produce the same effect.

3. Hindering the Proper Circulation of Blood to the Brain

Lack of blood or oxygen in the brain can render an individual unconscious. This can be achieved by targeting the carotid artery with a hold such as a sleeper hold or by squeezing the sides of an individual’s crown with a claw hold.

4. Stopping the Proper Flow of Blood in the Heart

A continuous blow to the heart can disrupt its effective delivery of blood to the various parts of the body or the vital organs. Any kick, punch or palm strike centered to the sternum or areas close to it can instantly put anyone to sleep.

5. Attack in the Nervous System

Lastly, focusing holds or strikes to the nervous system is among the quickest ways to knockout a person. Some examples of ways to do this is by clawing or squeezing the muscle in between the neck and shoulder. A strong blow to the spine has a huge tendency to immediately put an individual to sleep too.

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Source: PMA

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