Top Assault Rifles

The assault rifles are powerful weapons which can greatly add up to the quality of your home defense. However, there are many assault rifle products on the weapon market and it may seem like a tough job to choose the rifle that will suit all your needs for a reasonable price. So, here comes the list of the best assault rifles products you can find.

Top Assault rifles


AK series of assault rifles are best known for the legendary AK-47 rifle which made its way among the best rifles ever produced. AK-101 is designed in Russia for the international market.

The rifle features semi-automatic and fully automatic modes, providing you with outstanding functionality and performance in both fire modes. The gun is quite similar to an AK-47 with low recoil and high reliability as the key features that place AK-101 rifle among the best products you will find on the market.


This is a legendary rifle that is gas operated, magazine fed and shoulder-fired for the best performance you can imagine. M4A1 is a small version of the M16 that comes with a set of detachable accessories called SOPMOD.

You might think of a lower quality performance because of its size as it’s common that small rifles root more recoil and are less precise than bigger ones. However, it’s not the case with this weapon as it provides you with all the advantages of bigger rifles.


Famas is the assault rifle that features ammunition feed behind the trigger which means that it comes with a bullpup configuration. This rifle is exceptionally handy, but its small size can cause more recoil sometimes.

Also, the rifle comes with a well-designed structure that allows for more advanced handling of the weapon which provides you with reliable performance whenever you are using it.

Steyr AUG

Steyr AUG is one of the most advanced rifles you may find on the market. The weapon is lightweight and comes in different variants according to how much functions you want it to have.

Some rifles come even with the grenade launcher, but for the home defense purposes, you will be more than pleased with the basic features this weapon has to offer. Also, the weapon can use more than one type of barrels which makes it very useful.


AK-74 is a rifle model that features better precision than AK-47 model, with much less recoil. The fitted muzzle breaks are there to reduce the recoil even more and provide you with optimum performance that perfectly combines precision and outstanding firepower.

The most unique thing about this rifle is its lightweight. Although, the weapon is lightweight, it features a big size that provides you with all the advantages of bigger and heavier rifles.


Also known as Adaptive Combat Rifle, this is a rifle that features a more advanced design than its predecessor Masada Adaptive Combat Weapon System. This rifle is designed to provide you with the lowest recoil force, thus enhancing the precision of the weapon.

The rifle is best used in long shootouts, which gives you a significant tactical advantage. Your home defense will be utterly enhanced with this weapon if you are ready to give a notable amount of money for it. This rifle is one of the best you may find on the market today.


Considered by many as the best assault rifles in the world, AK-47 will definitely be the right choice if you decide to buy it. There are several studies on the rifle which show that the AK-47 features mind-blowing durability accompanied by advanced rifle structure that provides you with best performance you can imagine.

There’s a pretty obvious reason why AK-47 is the most widely used assault rifle in the world. This weapon will have your back in every situation as you can always rely on its impeccable performance. For a decent amount of money, you will get yourself one of the finest weapon products ever.

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