Top Choices for a Pen Knife

Old Timer Imperial Schrade 12OT 2-3/4-Inch 1-Blade Pen Knife

4 stars, 54 reviews

Blade Pen Knife

Schrade pen knife is made of high-quality and durable materials which ensure its longevity and reliable performance when you need to defend yourself. Also, the knife features an old timer design that adds up to its aesthetical value, which means that the knife is eye-pleasing. This knife is self-defense essential for men.

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Case Orange SparXX Mini Copperlock Pen Pocket Knife

4.5 stars, 365 reviews

Pen Pocket Knife

Designed to provide you with reliable performance and to be a durable self-defense weapon, Case pen knife will prove as a self-defense must-have for any man. The knife features Tru-Sharp design and is made of durable surgical steel. This knife can serve both as a self-defense weapon and a useful tool for outdoor activities.

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Case Medium Blue Sparkle Texas Toothpick Pocket Knife

4.5 stars, 376 reviews

Toothpick Pocket Knife

This toothpick knife is meant to be a useful tool and at the same time an efficient self-defense weapon. The knife features a Tru-Sharp blade design which enhances its performance and it’s made of surgical steel blade which ensures the longevity of the knife. Case knife is 4-25 inches long and weighs about 2.1 ounces.

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Case Trapper Hidden Knives

4.5 stars, 817 reviews

Hidden Knives

With Tru-Sharp design, Case Trapper knife is meant to be an effective tool and also a reliable self-defense weapon. The knife features a red synthetic handle which ensures a firm grip that is crucial in the case when you have to defend yourself with the knife. Case knife is great for everyday use as it’s durable and has a long lifespan.

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Winchester 22-41324 Small Pocket Knife

4.5 stars, 312 reviews

Small Pocket Knife

The blade on this knife is made of high-quality stainless steel and the handle features wooden overlays that ensure good looks of the knife and a firm grip. This pen knife is designed to provide you with excellent defense performance and features outstanding durability that makes this knife a reliable and long lifespan tool.

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