Top Combat Shotguns

Your home defense will be significantly enhanced if you have a powerful shotgun ready to scare away any potential attacker or robber.

If you decide to buy shotgun, it’s of great importance that you find a quality weapon that is durable and reliable. Therefore, we created a list of top quality combat shotguns you can find on the market.

Top Combat Shotguns

Mossberg 500 Series

The durability is the key feature on this weapon as it’s well-known for its long lifespan and outstanding performance. The shotgun features a safety on top of the receiver and you can easily access it with your thumb at any moment.

Because of the popularity of the shotgun, there’s a lot of useful upgrades you can shop and enhance the performance of your weapon.

Mossberg SPX 930

The Mossberg SPX 930 is designed to be a tactical weapon with immense firepower and excellent functionality. If you want to buy yourself a powerful and reliable weapon for home defense purposes, then Mossberg SPX 930 is the perfect choice for you.

It’s a shotgun that is praised for its outstanding performance in the most challenging situations. Also, the shotgun is very simple to use, which can prove as a life-saving feature in certain occurrences.

Maverick 88

If you want a shotgun that won’t go too hard on your budget, Maverick 88 is a shotgun that will provide you with an awesome performance for a relatively low price.

The safety on this shotgun is placed in front of the trigger which affects its price, making it extremely affordable. Also, the shotgun is quite popular, which means that you can easily find the upgrades for it and improve its performance in no time.

Benelli M3

Benelli M3 shotgun is designed for people who want to give a decent amount of money for a quality product. The Benelli M3 can function as both a semi-auto shotgun or a pump action shotgun and it only takes you to twist a ring when you want to change its modes.

When changed from semi to pump, the shotgun handles lighter loads and less lethal ammunition. The weapon is made of high-quality materials and features a well-designed structure that ensures the perfect performance of the weapon.

Remington 870

A combination of classic hardwood stock and pump gives you that traditional feeling while holding this weapon. The Remington 870 shotgun features a 6+1 capacity and comes with an 18.5-inch barrel for optimum handling in tight spaces.

The safety on this shotgun is placed near the trigger which can prove as very handy in emergencies. The shotgun features a well-known and popular design, so you can find a whole lot of upgrades with ease, thus improving the performance of the weapon.

Hatsan Escort Aimguard

The key features on this shotgun are most certainly its durability and the fact that it’s one of the shotguns which are most comfortable and easy to use. The Escort Aimguard comes with a large 7+1 ammo capacity and also features 20-inch barrel.

There is also a somewhat smaller shotgun model that features 5+1 ammo capacity and 18-inch barrel. The pump on this shotgun is well-designed and placed more rearward.

Benelli M4

Benelli M4 shotgun is one of the most iconic shotguns out there. One of the reasons why this shotgun is so popular is the fact that it’s one of the fastest semi-automatic shotguns you will be able to buy.

If you are an experienced operator, you will see that it’s possible to shoot this gun almost as fast as a fully-automatic weapon. The combination of inertia recoil system and gas piston design is responsible for the mind-blowing performance of this shotgun model.


FN SLP shotgun is designed to amaze you with its outstanding reliability. This shotgun proves as a perfect solution for home defense as it’s specifically designed for civilian use. FN SLP shotgun is primarily a semi-automatic shotgun that will provide you with optimum performance in tight spaces.

The shotgun is made of high-quality materials and features a great construction that enhances the reliability and the performance of the weapon.

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