Use of Perfume Bottle for Self Defense

perfume bottle for self defense

We have already shown you how to turn keychains, handkerchief, pens and other materials usually found in the pocket for self defense. So, the next thing that will be discussed here is the use of perfume bottle for self defense.

Here are various ways to use your perfume bottle for self defense:

1. Spray the Contents in the Eye of the Aggressor

The most common way to defend yourself using a bottle of perfume is by spraying or spilling its contents into the eyes of the attacker. The move would catch a person off-guard or it will make the individual instinctively cover his or her eyes, which will open up a window of opportunity for you to either carry your own attack or flee.

If the contents make contact to the eyes of your opponent, it would produce a stinging sensation or even temporary blindness depending on the chemicals present on the substance and the vulnerability of a person to its chemicals.

2. Empty Contents in a Piece of Cloth

Another way to use a perfume bottle for self defense is by emptying its contents into a piece of cloth. It can be on your handkerchief, scarf, or your forearm if you are wearing long sleeves. Then, cover the nose of your opponent using the piece of cloth filled with perfume. You can also wrap your soaked sleeve across your assailant’s nose from behind.

The moves are effective if the perfume you are using has a strong smell. These could make a person dizzy if he or she inhales an adequate amount of its fumes.

3. Smash the Container in the Face of the Assailant

Lastly, you can utilize a perfume bottle for self defense by smashing its solid casing into the face of your enemy. Target the eyes or the bridge of the person’s nose to seriously hurt him or her.

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