Using a Towel for Self Defense

towel for self defense

What if you are in a bathroom and you hear an intruder in your home or there is a person whom you think is a danger to your life and all you have is your towel? This question is similar to what we have received recently from a reader via Best Self Defense Weapons Mailbag.

If you are in this predicament, there are many ways for you to use your towel for self defense. The tips below will show you how:

1. Use the Towel as a Whip

Fold your towel in half and hold one end with your hand. When the potential attacker sticks his face in the door or gets within striking distance, forcefully whip the towel in his face. This will temporarily distract your assailant or stun him if delivered effectively.

For added strength in your attack, you can increase the density of the towel by making it wet.

2. Imitate a Flail Using the Towel

Form a knot on one end of your towel and wrap the other part to your hand like you are holding a ball and chain or a flail. Then, swing the towel in any direction as long as the knotted end hits your opponent in the face. Again, you can wet the knotted portion for added density and power.

3. Use the Towel as a Choking Weapon

Simply wrap the towel around the intruder’s neck and crank both of its ends until he passes out from lack of air or suffocation. You can wet the towel to increase its tensile strength. This is more effective too if you have the element of surprise at your disposal and you are able to get your opponent in a rear naked choke.

4. Use the Towel as Glove or Shield

Wrap the towel around your hand and forearm. This will give your hand protection and provide added damage to your opponent when punching him. The wrapped towel can also serve as protection to your arm if you are using it to deflect strikes from sharp objects such as knives if your opponent is armed.

5. Make Use of the Towel as Distraction

Spread it and throw it at the face of the assailant to temporarily block his vision or distract him. This will give you a fighting chance or a little window of time to escape.


Expect an intruder to be armed at all times. Never underestimate your opponent’s fighting skills too. Fight only if your survival depends on it. Never engage a person directly if you still have ways to escape, call the police or seek help from others. The same is true if you can still scare and convince the intruder to back off.

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