The time comes when you have to stand up for yourself against attacks. The human body is a complex thing, with various organs working to keep individuals alive. However, it also leaves you vulnerable to threats of your life, resulting in serious injuries or losing your life.

In case of an attack, you can hit the perpetrator in areas which are not protected such as nerve endings or internal organs. If you haven’t engaged in self-defense lessons, then you’ll find these pressure points important when you’re in serious danger.

The pressure points

A body of any person has various unprotected areas that you can hit your enemy. You can cause serious injuries to the person or it can even lead to death. So, use these hits only in times that there is a serious threat to your life. Here are some of the pressure points:  

  • Sciatic nerve — You can find this between the groin and the knee area of the inner thigh around the midline. A hard hit can cause several things such as severe pain, dizziness, and shock.
  • Jaw — If you hit a person with the back of your hand, the person will lose consciousness. A hard hit will cause the head to turn sharply to shake the brain.   
  • Biceps — There is severe pain and temporary paralysis of the arm when you hit the biceps. The attacker’s fingers will relax fingers to let you lose.
  • Brachial plexus — a hard blow to this part will result in intense pain as well as a temporary paralysis in hand. You can also break a clavicle to rupture the nerves, which can lead to paralysis of the hand, nausea, and shock.
  • Groin — A lot of nerves are found in this area, and the genitals and the bladder are also found here. A weak hit can cause intense pain while a hard hit can damage the bladder.

It’s always important to remember it’s great to run away if you are attacked. But if you have some free time, you can take lessons in boxing or karate to learn how to defend yourself. Here are some books that will teach you how to defend yourself.  

The Secret Art of Pressure Point Fighting

Using Pressure Points for Self-Defense

This book, written by Vince Morris, describes the effect on pressure points as ideal striking points. It’s suitable reading for people who are beginners to self-defense fighting. It features diagrams of pressure points to illustrate the moves you can use to attack an enemy.

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Pressure-Point Fighting

How to Use Pressure Points for Self-Defense

Rick Clark introduces Pressure point fighting and the tools that you need to implement this technique. The forms of fighting are based on open-mindedness and willingness to try old and new techniques in martial arts lessons. The book is ideal for someone who has a better understanding of the definitions, philosophy used by the Chinese. The book has pictures to illustrate the points.     

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Vital Point Strikes

Learn Pressure Points for Self-Defense

Vital Point Strikes Sang H. Kim takes you through the pressure point fighting. It’s great for average martial artists, as the book describes clarifies vital point striking and illustrated how to use them for self-defense. It has 202 pressure points which have the names, location, and the body parts involved such as the nerves and blood vessels. The book has good images and descriptions to make it easier for you to understand the concepts.    

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Pressure Point Atlas

best pressure points for self defense

Michael Patrick describes what happens when you strike some pressure points of your enemy. It explains in great details the pressure points which are lethal and the ones that just lead to temporary knockouts. This is a perfect book to keep around you as a reference tool while training.

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Pressure Point Fighting Secrets of Ryukyu Kempo

Learn self defense by using pressure points

George Dillman and Chris Thomas give a rare insight into pressure point fighting in this book. The authors are famous experts and they go into details of combative fighting that is used in martial arts. The book has techniques and illustration that you can use for effective defense. This will make a good read for you if you are taking martial arts lessons.    

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