Vital Parts of the Body to Attack During Self Defense

A message came in just recently in Best Self Defense Mailbag which reads, “Hi, Best Self Defense Weapons Team. I am really enjoying your articles and I really find them quite educational and useful. I am a woman who does not have background in fighting or martial arts, but if in case I find myself in a life-or-death situation wherein retreat is virtually impossible and my only option is to fight, how can I defend myself? Thanks.”

When cornered or pinned down, that does not necessarily mean that escape is no longer an option. All you have to do is create an opening that would provide you an opportunity to get away from that position with minimal injury on your part. The best way to do this is by concentrating on the vital parts of the body to attack.

Knowing the vital parts of the body to attack during self defense situations is very advantageous as you can easily distract, stun, temporarily incapacitate or even kill someone depending on the power and precision of the delivery of your counter-attack.

Below are the vital parts of the body to attack during self defense situations to create the opening you need to escape or save your life. These are effective even when you are pinned down in the ground and the aggressor is mounted on top of you.


Vital Parts of the Body to Attack - the ears
The Ear Clap

Simply cup both hands like you are scooping something in them and quickly use them to strike the ears of the target. The sudden pressure  would cause a temporary ringing sensation in the ears of your opponent which will temporary stun him.


Vital Parts of the Body to Attack - the nose
Palm Strike to the Bridge of the Nose

Open your palm and simply drive its base using a strong force against the bridge of the nose of your aggressor. This is really painful if delivered properly and may even cause death if the bone fragments of the broker nose hits the brain of the person.


Vital Parts of the Body to Attack - the eyes
The Eye-Gouge

Imitate a claw using your hands, then, with your thumbs, rake the eyes of the aggressor using your nails. This will definitely blind him or give him serious injuries in the eyes.


Vital Parts of the Body to Attack - the throat
The Windpipe Claw

Simply claw the windpipe area of your attacker using your thumb and other fingers. Then, use a strong grip to put him into submission. You can also use the claw hand to strike the windpipe in a quick fashion to disorient your opponent.

Groin Area

Vital Parts of the Body to Attack - the groin
Knee to Groin

Make sure that there is enough opening between the groin area of your opponent then put all your power to the knee area. After that, drive it straight to the genitals of your aggressor. This is very effective against male attackers.


Let us remind you readers out there again that the strikes mentioned here can cause serious injury or even death. This is because we are running on the premise that the person who will be using them is seriously in danger or already in a life-or-death situation.

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