What Are Imminent Threat Solutions?

It doesn’t matter you’re outdoors or indoors; you should always be prepared for sudden challenging situations where your safety can become jeopardized. There are many ways to instantly protect yourself, so here comes the list of top 10 self-defense products that will keep you safe wherever you go.

EIOU Self-Defence Key Chain

EIOU offers a self-protection keychain with 5 stabbing aluminum tactical pens that will prove as valuable in emergencies. This set of 5 pens comes with a keychain ring, which means that you will easily carry the pens with you wherever you go. The surface of the pens went through special processing, so it won’t be scratched easily.

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Tactical Pen – Self Defense Weapons, Car Window Breaker

This tactical pen is designed to provide you with maximum performance in any dangerous situation you might find yourself in. The pen is made of aircraft-grade aluminum which enhances the durability of the self-defense pen and ensures stable and reliable performance. Also, this pen serves as an ordinary writing pen and comes with 2 ink refills.

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VIPERTEK VTS-989 – 58 Billion Heavy Duty Stun Gun – Rechargeable with LED Flashlight

Stun gun is one of the best self-defense options for a person who needs to get out of the dangerous situation immediately. This powerful stun gun comes with LED flashlight and is equipped with shock plates on the side of the unit that delivers a high voltage shock to anyone who tries to steal the stun gun from you.

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Tactical Force Maximum Power Heavy Duty Stun Gun – Rechargeable with LED Tactical

If you want a powerful self-defense weapon to follow you wherever you go, then this stun gun/flashlight is the best option for you. The stun gun comes with immense strength and delivers a powerful blow that disables the assailant in a second. Your attacker will lose balance and muscle control which means that you’ll be able to get away or call the cops afterward.

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Kubaton Keyring aluminum Blunt Force in Black, Self Defense Weapon for Men & Women

Self-defense weapons are best when you can conveniently carry and retrieve them in a dangerous situation. This self-defense weapon comes with an interesting design which is meant to make the weapon more efficient against the attackers. You can attach this weapon to a key ring as it will easily become the essential thing you carry outside.

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The Atomic Bear Tactical Pen

This self-defense pen is designed to help you get away from any dangerous situation. With this tactical self-defense pen, you can break windows, light fire, and serve as a stabbing weapon against the attackers. The pen comes with a practical heavy duty nylon belt sheath that will make it more convenient for you to carry the pen.

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Security Umbrella “City-Safe” Shorter Self Defense umbrella

This security umbrella is one of the best solutions for outdoors safety you will find. The umbrella will protect you in tight spaces or in crowds as it is will make it easier for you to effectively use the umbrella in case you don’t have enough space. This umbrella conforms to the length of a baton.

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TI-EDC, TDM.51, Titanium Triangle Keychain Tool

TI-EDC offers a unique self-defense keychain weapon that is made from lightweight and durable Titanium Alloy. The triangle is designed to enhance the strength of your fist punches and deal significant damage to the attacker. With this triangle, you will have an instant self-defense solution wherever you go.

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POM White Pepper Spray Keychain Model

The pepper sprays are among the most powerful and trusted self-defense weapons. This 6-pack grey keychain pepper spray is designed to be a convenient and highly efficient self-defense option that will disable the attacker and give you an important tactical advantage. The pepper sprays can deliver a shot from up to 10-feet range.

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Udap Bear Spray Safety Orange with Color Griz Guard Holster

UDAP offers a powerful self-defense spray that is efficient both against human and animal attackers. The spray contains large amounts of OC formula that features 10 percent of hot pepper which completely disables the assailant. This spray also comes with enhanced fire range and a broad spray pattern.

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