What is a Kitty Keychain Self-Defense Device?

What is a Kitty Keychain Self-Defense Device?

Self-defense is becoming a much-needed skill in the world today no matter where you live. Carrying a weapon of self-defense has become commonplace and the latest is the Kitty Keychain. Demand has become so high for these adorable keychains that suppliers are struggling to keep up.

While the Kitty Keychain is not a new weapon on the market, it has recently gained attention and popularity. Many women have for years been using their keys placed between their fingers as a weapon of self-defense in sketchy and dangerous situations in anticipation of an attack in dark and quiet parking lots. The Kitty Keychain has simply made this easier and a whole lot cuter!

What is the Kitty Keychain?

This adorable looking keychain has fast become a must-have among women all across the country. On average, Kitty Keychains are approximately 3 inches tall and 2 inches wide, making them extremely compact.

Since they are also made of a very lightweight but strong aluminum, it makes for the perfect self-defense addition to your keychain. More popular amongst women, the Kitty Keychain serves its purpose mostly at night when walking to your car alone.

How to Use the Kitty Keychain

Kitty Keychains come with glowing reviews and highly recommended by self-defense coaches and instructors across the United States and Europe. The Kitty Keychain is used to cause more damage to an attacker when you throw a punch.

It basically gives you some extra pain-causing ability when defending yourself. Placed over your fingers by placing two fingers through the cat’s eyeholes, while the pointy ears serve as the weapon. The Kitty Keychain is reminiscent of brass knuckles used in hand-to-hand combat fighting.

The purpose of an attacker using these knuckles is to concentrate the force of a punch to a smaller and more concentrated area, causing more pain. This is also true for the Kitty Keychain. It provides you with an extra high-impact blow to an attacker. By placing your fingers through the eyeholes of the keychain, you have a good grip on your weapon to ensure its effectiveness.

What do Kitty Keychains Cost?

Kitty Keychains are well-priced and really affordable at around $5 to $9 on average for a single keychain. This places them in a cheaper price bracket compared to an average pepper spray keychain which on average will cost between $9 and $20 for a good quality pepper spray keychain.

This is also a lot cheaper than the cost of a small firearm to carry for self-defense, plus the keychain is much easier to use and requires no learning, as is the case with a firearm.

The Legal Implications  

While the Kitty Keychain is a great idea and makes for a compact yet effective self-defense weapon for women, there are some legal issues surrounding them. In some states, it is illegal to carry a Kitty Keychain in public. Before purchasing a Kitty Keychain, check with your state’s laws regarding self-defense weapons.

Some states that have banned carrying these cute, yet defensive keychains include Texas, Massachusetts, California, New York, DC, Illinois and Michigan. It is also a punishable offense to carry one in an airport and on board a plane, so be sure to leave it at home if you are travelling.

The legality of Kitty Keychains has caused quite a stir in Texas particularly where it is legal to carry a loaded handgun in public but not a pointy plastic or aluminum cat on your keychain. The penalty for carrying a Kitty Keychain is up to $4,000 in fines or 12 months in county jail.

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