What to Do When Stabbed or Shot During Self Defense

stab or gunshot wounds in self defense

When a self defense situation does not turn out in your favor, for instance, if you get stabbed or shot during the process, it is important for you to know how to survive while waiting for help.

Recognizing that survival is a part of self defense, one avid reader asked us through Mailbag a question regarding what to do when stabbed or shot during a conflict or in accident.

First Aid for Stab or Gunshot Wounds Acquired in Self Defense

Here are the things that you should do when stabbed or shot during self defense:

1. Make Sure that You are Away from Danger

Survey the area for any signs of danger. If danger is still imminent, take evasive measures or hide yourself away from the plain view of your assailant.

2. Apply Direct Pressure to the Wound

Apply direct pressure to the wound using your hand to stop or minimize bleeding while waiting for help. However, if any part of the blade or foreign object is sticking out, do not do apply pressure and just keep still.

3. Call for Immediate Aid

If you have the energy, send someone nearby a signal that you need help. You can do this by simply shouting for help or waving your free arm.

4. Call 911

If no immediate aid is available, call 911. Make sure to report to them your exact location. The operator is also likely to provide you tips that will help you survive as you wait so just follow what he or she has to say and answer what the operator will ask you.

5. Do not Remove Any Foreign Item from Your Body

If a part of the knife or object used in wounding you is sticking out, do not give in to the urge to remove it or alter its position. There is likelihood that you will widen the gape of your wound or damage another body part if you attempt to remove the blade or bullet that is lodged in your body.

Sometimes, a bullet or foreign object lodged in your body also functions as a cork or plug which is the only thing preventing you from bleeding out. So, do not do anything with it until help arrives, unless you want to bleed out more.

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