When is the Most Likely Time for Burglary

time for burglary

One of our readers here at Best Self Defense Weapons recently asked us the question, “When is the most likely time for burglary to take place?”

This is actually a good topic to discuss, not because we are promoting burglary, but to help you avert it and be prepared from it.

Most of us know that the most likely time for burglary is in the evening since it is the time wherein the perpetrator is less likely to be detected or identified, a research apparently conducted by Apartment Wiz says otherwise.

Houston Burglaries Usually Happen During the Day

According to the site, they analyzed around 2,329 burglaries that happened in Houston during the month of March (no year was specified by the site). In those cases, most break ins happened during the day. To be exact, around 72 percent of the incidents happened within the light of day. Approximately 40 percent of them happened between the hours of 7AM to 10AM.

One criminal lawyer from Houston named Laviage opined that burglars prefer these hours because it is the time when occupants of the home rush for work or school.

On the other hand, the most popular time identified by the report to have the most activities of burglary is 6PM. Based on the source, 168 of the 2,329 cases happened within 6PM to 7PM.

The Houston Police Department explained that a number of thieves use this time to follow the occupants of the home who just arrived from school or work to commit theft.

The Preferred Time for Burglary in UK is Midnight

In a separate report from the UK-based Mail Online, November has the most number of home break ins in the country. The preferred time for burglary appeared to be within the hours of 12AM to 1AM.

Author’s Opinion

Looking at the two cases presented here, it is really hard to say when is the right time for burglary. Despite the efforts of authorities researchers to establish a link between specific hours and the activity involving burglary, I am not quite convinced that thievery follows a certain hour. A good burglar strikes when you least expect them to be and when you let your guard down.

The incidences of this type of crime would also vary on the type of community you live in, your lifestyle, security and the accessibility of your home to thieves. I mean, if you live in a community with a high crime rate or with high incidence of burglary, there is a likelihood that you can be burglarized anytime of the day. Then, if you are very lax in your security, like you always forget to lock your doors or your windows are very accessible to people, criminals can just get inside your home whenever they see an opportunity to rob you.

Always keep in mind that crime does not sleep nor does it follow a certain schedule. So, always keep your guard up and be alert of your surroundings at all times to prevent yourself from becoming a victim.

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Sources: Apartment Wiz, Mail Online

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