Which is Better Between a Tanto Knife vs Drop Point Knife

tanto knife vs drop point knife

A question sent to us recently reads, “Which one should I choose for self defense between a tanto knife vs drop point knife?”

Which is More Suited for Self Defense Between a Tanto Knife vs Drop Point Knife

Between a tanto knife vs drop point knife, the former is better designed for self defense. A drop point knife would still make a pretty decent self defense weapon, but it is more of a survival knife than a combat knife.

A Tanto is Specifically Made for Combat

Tanto means “short blade”. Tanto knives commonly found in stores nowadays borrow some of the designs of the weapon worn by the elite warriors of medieval Japan called the “samurai”. These were used primarily for stabbing and even slashing during combats involving close body contact. The weapons were usually paired with the wakizashi, known as the “side inserted sword”, and the tachi, a sword that preceded the katana.

Historically, the tanto has always been made for combat and self defense, which explains why it is more recommended for that purpose than the drop point knife. The strength and shape of its blade made the weapon very ideal for penetrating heavy armor in close quarter fights.

A Drop Point is an All-Purpose Knife

A drop point knife can be used for stabbing, but its penetrating power is not as smooth as the tanto knife. It is very useful though in outdoor activities like scaling fish, cutting meat, cutting ropes, and carving. So, if you are looking for an all-purpose knife, this is recommended in your collection.

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