Which Self Defense Ammunition 9mm Is Best?

By far the best self-defense option is the 9mm round. For concealed carrying, aficionados all around the country prefer this caliber because of the low recoil and small size of 9mm handguns for self defense. Even though it’s the most popular type of ammunition, there is still a lot of confusion due to the many available options. Let’s take a look at the best options to reinforce your safety.


4.8 stars, 13 reviews

WINCHESTER Best Self Defense Ammunition 9mm

Winchester is royalty when it comes to producing quality handguns and ammunition. Regardless of your gun type and brand, the WINCHESTER PDX DEFENDER is a reliable and sturdy option for self-defense. Thanks to its efficiency and destructive power, the FBI and several other government agencies have chosen it as their handgun ammunition of choice.

Compared to other rounds, Winchester bullets produce larger wound channels. With a muzzle velocity of almost 1.300 feet, you can expect excellent penetration even when it comes to targets that are far away. An excellent choice for beginners.

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5 stars, 58 reviews

Federal Best Ammunition 9mm

Once used by law enforcement agencies on duties, Federal 124gr HST is now a staple in police and army training with handguns. It’s one of the best 9mm rounds for self-defense because the muzzle constantly expands and delivers terminal performance through straight-line penetration. It’s excellent if you’re looking to buy your first gun.

What we loved about this round is the hollow-point tip. Unlike standard hollow point tip, HST won’t plug while passing through barriers. We’ve tested it extensively and the bullet holds the jacket regardless of temperature, obstacles and other factors. HST is specially designed to have weight retention until it hits your desired target.

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4 stars, 3 reviews

Magtech best 9mm Ammunition

Magtech has been producing quality ammunition for 80 years and have become known for their reliable solutions for firearms of all sizes. The Guardian Gold is by far the best Magtech solution for 9mm handguns. It has shown particular excellence when combined with Remington or Beretta guns in particular.

If you are a fan of quicker ammunition, Guardian Gold won’t disappoint. The 400 pounds of muzzle energy results in some impressive expansion. Additionally, we’ve observed that this round has the most accurate cartridge on this list, with a (now mandatory) low recoil. So it’s a great options for those new to using concealed carry guns for self defense. 

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5 stars, 10 reviews

Speer 9mm Ammo for Self Defense

A favorite of self-defense specialists and aficionados around the country, this particular round passes all the tests for a great self-defense 9mm round. It’s ideal for those who prefer longer barrels on their concealed carry firearm, as it is known to be sturdy and precise. You will also love the fact that the core and jacket don’t get separated very easily, even if there are obstacles in the route of the bullet.

It’s also affordable, with a more than decent 1150 feet-per-second speed. The muzzle energy clocks at 327 foot-pounds, which puts in the upper echelon in the 9mm round world.

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5 stars, 10 reviews

Hornady Best 9mm Ammo Self Defense

One of the “new kids on the block,” Hornady managed to impress gun enthusiasts around the world with this reliable 9mm round. It’s known for its rapid expansion and excellent penetration efficiency. The jacket-core separation is negligible.

With 369 foot-pounds of muzzle energy, it packs enough power. We specifically recommend it for urban areas, where you have to defend yourself in an obstacle-filled environment.

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