Winter Self Defense Tips that You Should Remember

winter self defense

A new question was sent to us via Best Self Defense Weapons Mailbag which asks, “Can you provide me some winter self defense tips?

Self Defense for Winter Tips

Here are the basic winter self defense tips that you should remember to ensure that you can easily protect yourself from harm:

1. Do Not Leave Parts of Your Clothing Loose

Do not leave parts of your clothing loose so it can’t be tugged easily. For example, your scarf should be tucked inside your collar.

2. Use Light and Comfortable Clothes

Use light clothing that will not compromise your movements. However, make sure that it is warm enough for you to be comfortable and for you to survive the cold weather.

For the pants, see to it that it is not too tight. Very tight pants affect your kicking ability as well as evasive tactics that involve running and jumping from obstacles. Make sure that it is not too loose also so the cold air will not freeze your legs.

3. Ensure Quick Access to Your Self Defense Weapon

If you are carrying a self defense weapon such as a concealed handgun, do not place it in the innermost layer of your clothing or in places that will require you to unzip or unbutton just to get access to it. It is advisable for you to hide it only within one layer of your clothes. Then, use a belt or an ankle holster together with non-slippery gloves in this event to enable a quick draw.

4. Do Not Expose Self Defense Weapons in the Cold

Aside from the fact that it is illegal in several areas to expose a weapon in public, exposing a weapon for self defense in the cold can have bad consequences for the weapon itself. This particularly applies to the ones that use levers, switches, buttons, triggers or springs such as switchblades and guns. Having a weapon exposed in the cold can freeze its mechanism which may result to its failed activation. In the case of a gun, the frost may cause a jam in some of its vital parts.

5. Be Careful with Electroshock Weapons

When using electroshock weapons ensure that your gloves are not wet or any part of it is not in contact with the mechanism that discharges the weapon’s electric shock. This is to keep yourself away from getting electrocuted by your own weapon.

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