Woman Self Defense Products That Will Fit in Your Purse

If you plan to go to a party, or you just want to go for a walk through your neighborhood, it’s crucial that you have an instant self-defense option. You never know when the emergency situation may occur, so here comes a list of top 10 self-defense products you can carry in your purse. 

EDC TITANER Titanium Multifunction Toothpick Lightweight EDC Outdoor Women Self Defense Tool

Titaner offers a cassette toothpick that you can use to protect yourself if someone physically confronts you on the street. The toothpick is sharp and lightweight, so you can easily deal a lot of damage to the attacker. This self-defense weapon serves as a convenient way to protect yourself both indoors and outdoors.

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Yoogo – Self Defense Keychain

Yoogo self-defense weapon can be attached to a keychain and held in your purse. This multipurpose keychain weapon is designed to enhance the strength of your punches in case someone physically confronts you. The Yoogo self-defense weapon is small, discreet and non-threatening at first glance. 

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VintageBee 10 Pack Mini Multi Tool Multi-Functional Hair Clip Stainless Steel Women Self-Defense Tool EDC Survival Kit

VintageBee self-defense hairclips can be used as a flat head screwdriver, large screwdriver, ruler, cutter, trolley coin and self-defense weapon. The hairclips are designed to be easy to carry around and also, they come with a mini toolbox where you can carry them anytime. 

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Tactical Pen Self Defense Tool with 4 ink refill – Black Ball Point

AISHN offers a top-quality self-defense pen that is made of aircraft-grade aluminum for extreme durability and reliable performance. You can carry this self-defense in your pocket, purse, or wherever you find it most convenient. The pen is perfect for everyday use and traveling. 

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BLINGSTING Pepper Spray Keychain for Women

BLINGSTING pepper sprays feature a strong capsaicinoids formula that features 1.4 percent major capsaicinoids. This means that the peppers sprays are very potent and efficient when it comes to self-defense purposes. Also, the sprays are compact and you can attach them to a keychain, or simply carry them in your purse. 

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Kubotan Self Defense Solid Aluminum Keychain

Kubotan self-defense keychain weapon is designed to provide you with the opportunity to stab the assailant in case of emergency. The weapon is made of high-quality aircraft-grade aluminum that ensures the weapon’s durability and high-end performance. The Kubotan keychain is easy to use and also easy to store wherever you want. 

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Super-Cute Pepper Spray Keychain for Women Professional Grade

These pepper sprays feature strong OC formula which enables you to defend yourself from sudden attacks both indoors and outdoors. The pepper sprays can be attached to a keychain for supreme portability, but you can also put them in your purse. These pepper sprays are non-lethal and come with UV dye that leaves a mark on the attacker.

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SABRE 3-in-1 Stun Gun Safety Tool

SABRE offers a top-quality stun gun product that is multipurpose and easy to conceal. This small stun gun has an impressive strength as it can induce strong pain to anyone who attacks you. Also, the stun gun is compact, concealable and you can easily access it wherever you decide to store it. 

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Partstock(TM) 2-Pack Aircraft Aluminum Tactical Self Defense Keychain

Partstock offers top-quality self-defense weapons that are designed to deal mighty blows to the assailants. The weapons feature finger grooves for better control and grip, so you can defend yourself with ease. You can attach the weapons to a keychain for easier access, but you can also store them in your purse. These keychain weapons are made of aircraft-grade aluminum for optimum performance and durability. 

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CRKT Williams Tactical Key: EDC Personal Defense Key Chain Tool

This tiny weapon looks like a simple car key, but when used right, it can turn into a highly efficient self-defense weapon. CRKT Williams tactical key features a well-balanced handle with a secure grip. You can use this tactical key as a screwdriver also, which means that it’s multipurpose. 

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